KN95 Mask Model KN9500

Material: Polypropylene nonwoven fabric, melt spray filter layer,Hot air cotton
5 Layers Protection
Ability to anti bacteria ≥95%
Product Executive Standard: China KN95 GB2626-2006, EUCE: EN149:2001+A1:2009FFP2 USA FDA


  • Great for Virus Protection and Personal Health
  • Great Efficient at Filtering out Virus
  • Great Efficient at Filtering out Bacteria and Mold Particles
  • Great Efficient at Filtering out Pollen and Dust
  • Soft skin-friendly,Isolate large particles
  • Deodorant and mildew,Inhibit bacteria
  • Outer, inner layer and polypropylene support
  • Total 5 Layout High Protections, each intercepting different harmful substances
    • 1st layout non woven Filtering out air pollution particles,droplets etc
    • 2nd Ultra-fine Meltblown filter, effectively prevent PM2.5 particles
    • 3rd antibacterial layer to prevent bacterial infection and transmission
    • 4th High-quality non-woven inner layer, soft fabric, breathable and comfortable
    • 5th Layout Non Woven, Finished Filtering


  • Test allergy
  • Good breathability
  • Resistant
  • Non-flammable

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